A Smashing End to a Band Member is an execution in The New Killing Game SYOC with Michi Kurosawa being Executed.


Michi, holding an electric guitar, is standing atop a stage in front of the students. He starts to play a song. Everyone looked on with sad expressions as he played. A human sized Monokuma appears behind him, knocks over Michi and snatches the guitar.

With the guitar in hand, the Monokuma raises it above his head, with Michi giving one final look. The Monokuma then smashes the guitar over Michi's head. Michi then starts to get up, blood dripping from his head to the floor. The Monokuma continues to smash the guitar into Michi's crunched in head. Michi then hold his hand out, silently saying a final goodbye before The Monokuma uses the remains of the smashed in guitar to split Michi's head open. The gruesome sight causes some students to throw up.


  • Inspite being a very bloody execution, Kirie doesn't faint.