Amai Nomimono

Amai Nomimono is a character in The New Killing Game - Monokuma Hunter SYOC.

He is a member of the Future Foundation's 15th Division.

Amai's title during his time at Hope's Peak Academy was the SHSL Barista.

Amai was the first official victim of the Monokuma Hunter Game, found dead after the first time out.


Amai has short brown hair, bright blue eyes, average muscle build, slightly tanned skin, smooth hair and a couple of scars from the tragedy. He dresses in a black trench coat with a red tie and white dress shirt, black khakis and a future foundation clip to go along with the uniform.


Not much is known about Amai's personality, although, in his first appearance, he seems to be a polite individual.


[Warning: Several Spoilers follow this section]

Prior to joining Hope's Peak Academy


Life at Hope's Peak


Joining the Future Foundation


The Monokuma Hunter Game

Chapter 1

Amai's only appearance in chapter one is introducing himself.

Chapter 2

Amai is among the Future Foundation interns to be in the gym when everyone is knocked out for the killing game to begin. When everyone woke up after being knocked out with sleeping gas, everyone, including Amai, awaken to find a device on their wrist, with a timer and a 'Forbidden Action'. Monokuma appears on a monitor to reveal the rules of the killing game.

When Monokuma reveals that the rules, everyone looks up to see the pet panther of Toto Makumi, Black, killed.

Chapter 3

After Black's death, a fight broke out between several of the Future Foundation interns, during the chaos, Amai, along with several others, attempted to escape.

Chapter 4

Amai, along with the others he escaped the gym with, hide out in another room and barricade the door. The first timer goes off and Amai and the others are put to sleep. When the timer comes back on, Jimin Kisaragi finds Amai's dead body disemboweled on the floor.