Bird Food is an execution in The New Killing Game SYOC with Hayato Kimura being executed.


Hayato stands at the top of a building, looking pale. He looks down off the edge of the building and stumbles back after seeing how high it is. He hears the sounds of chains rattling and turns around to see a bird cage rising from the ground with about 20 plus crows inside.

The birdcage opens, terrifying Hayato and causing him to stumble back. The crows fly out like fighter jets, right at Hayato, who is cowering in fear and all the crows fly around him and bite and eat his flesh. Fingers are bitten off and Hayato's right eye is plucked out. Throughout all this, Hayato screams in agony. When Hayato loses his footing, the crows fly away as Hayato falls off the building. Hayato's body splatters onto the ground as the crows fly back to eat his remains.