Calculate This! is an execution in The New Killing Game SYOC with Akira Kato being executed.

Before the Execution

After Akira was found guilty of the murder of Kuu Hachimitsu and Kuro Hinori, he pulled out a retractable knife and attacked Tomoyo Chino as a way to hurt Ryuji Shido. When Ryuji stepped in, Akira attacked Ryuji. Kirie Tomoka and Naoki Kenshi both told Monokuma to stop Akira, finally convincing him when Naoki points out that if Akira kills Ryuji or Tomoyo, then he would be breaking a school rule, so Monokuma starts the execution.


While Akira and Ryuji are fighting, a large cannon pops out of the ground, operated by Monokuma. Once Monokuma had his sights set on Akira.

Masami Fujimoto points out that the cannon is too strong. Ryuji hears this and widens his one eye (As Akira had sliced the other with the knife) in surprise. Monokuma shoots a blast straight for Akira, piercing him through the stomach. The blast heads for Tomoyo, who was too scared to move. Ryuji pushes her out of the way, but in the process, the cannon blasts off his arm before Ryuji falls to the ground.

Akira, still standing, coughs up blood before face planting to the ground.


  • This is the first impromptu execution
  • This is the first execution to take place in the courtroom