To be alive is the 1st chapter of Danganronpa: Actual Heroes. Mai Ganaha is murdered in this chapter by Hitomi Miyajima, who let Momokuma have her execution called Bloody Mistakes.


Dairy life

Toto: Was it the way you wash your hands?

Hitomi: Wait, what?

Aine: Hey, fucker. (Sees Mai dead on the floor).

Deadly Life

Momokuma: It’s time for the first investigation.

Aine: Really. Ultimate Team Manager is me, Aine Hishikawa.

Hitomi: Hey. I’m Hitomi Miyajima, the Ultimate Gardener.

Toto: Toto Miyao here, the Ultimate Princess.

Everyone else said their names and talents.


Toto: Did you see a Truth Bullet? It’s a pair of scissors that Hitomi kills Mai with.

Truth bullet found-Scissors

Aine: Oh yeah.

Hitomi: What are you waiting for, girls? It is time for the 1st trial!

Class trial

(Class Trial. All rise)

Momokuma: It’s time for the trial!

Aine: Sharp, but caring. What is that?

Hiromi: Giggling is now why you laugh.

Hitomi: It’s time for the day you have to run.

Aine: You got that!

Panic Talk

Hiromi: Fans be like…(laughs at Aine)

Aine: Shut your bitch ass up.

Hitomi: You! Here! Are! Survivors!

Debate Scrum

Aine: The day I saw the injury.

Hitomi: Injury! Right.

Everyone: This is the plan.

Climax Reasoning

Act 1:

Aine: When it’s nighttime, I sneaked up to the room when I saw an injury.

Act 2:

Aine: I saw a dead Mai on the floor and there was a pair of scissors.

Final act/Act 3:

Aine: When I saw the killer, she stayed put and cut Mai’s body.

Aine: I saw you, Hitomi.

Trial end and Execution

Aine: I see that Hitomi is the killer.

Hitomi: Really?

Momokuma: That’s right! I got a special punishment for the Ultimate Gardener, Hitomi Miyajima.

Hitomi: My sister isn’t going to like the blood.

Momokuma: Now! It’s punishment time!

(Execution Bloody Mistakes shows up).


Aine: Is Hitomi dead?

Momokuma: The answer is yes.

the remaining survivors lay on their beds.