When America opens up Star's Rise Academy everything seems normal until the 10th Class and a little bear make headlines.


Vivian Preiss - Superstar/SS Journalist

Naomi Sykes - Superstar/SS Manager

Sara Summers - Superstar/SS Environmentalist

Nadia Trent - Superstar/SS General

Claire O'Donnell - Superstar/SS Singer

Nancy Hanson - Superstar/SS Hostess

Cleo Monroe - Superstar/SS Historian

Rebecca Trent - Superstar/SS Cosplayer

John White - Superstar/SS Engineer

Terry Martinez - Superstar/SS Football Player

Hunter Colts - Superstar/SS Policeman

Barry Miller - Superstar/SS Lucky Guy

Grant Nyazuhara - Superstar/SS Tycoon

Lukas Baranovsky - Superstar/SS Hitman

Anthony Young - Superstar/SS Chef

Tristan Jordan - Superstar/SS Secret Agent


???: To think that I was accepted into Star's Rise Academy! I'm so excited to get all the dirt on my "Famous" Classmates!

???: Wait I should introduce myself.

???: I am Vivian Preiss, Superstar Journalist or SS Journalist for short. I may be short but it just makes sneaking into places easier and my average clothes and short brown hair help me blend in, but I have uncovered more scandals than most Journalists do in their entire career. The only thing that is journalistic of me is the pencil in my ear and the small notebook I carry all the time.

Vivian: All I have to do now is step inside the gate and start my..... ugh.

Day 1

Vivian: I woke up in what looked to be a Bedroom... how did I get here?

Vivian leaves her room.

Vivian All these rooms have pixel pictures on them... there's a girl there! Hey!

???: Oh hello there! Did you wake up in a room?

Vivian: Yes I did! How did I get there?

???: I don't know... We all woke up in those rooms too....

Vivian: Others?

???: Oh I forgot you just woke up! I'm Nancy Hanson SS Hostess. Yes there are others too.

Vivian: Nancy is the leading lady in how to host gatherings and she even hosts parties for royalty!'

Vivian: Well I'm Vivian Preiss SS Journalist. So is this the 10th Class?

Nancy: Seems like it. Now if you will excuse me I must change into something more appropriate.

Vivian: As I started down the hall again two people came out of nowhere

???: Hi there!

????: Hello...

Vivian: Hi! I'm Vivian Priess SS Journalist.

???: Well I'm Claire O'Donnell SS Singer and this is John White SS Engineer

John: Yea...

Vivian: Claire is on the top of the charts with her hit Your Sugar Is My Poison and John has built so many gadgets that have changed people's lives but his true genius lies in his Weapon designs.