Danganronpa: The Station Of Despair by DeadLyokoBrony, The story is a DR Fanfic it stars a new set of characters, a killing game, and instead of a school it starts out in an abandoned Police Station


It starts out with the main character arriving at Hopes Peak Academy and blacking out. She awakes in a cell and looks around along with meeting many unique characters

Character List

  • Monokuma - The self-proclaimed supervisor of the Characters trapped in the abandoned Police Station, also forces the Characters to participate in the killing game.

Main Characters

  1. Seiko Sammada - she is the SHSL Director and as well as the main protagonist, she is kinda like Kirigiri, she shows some emotion in the story
  2. Mei Sashimuru - Also known as the SHSL Marksman, she arrives late in the story, and comes off sleepy
  3. Akiko nimen - Also Known as the SHSL Bookworm, she greets the protagonist while she is reading a book
  4. Haru Funokoshi - She holds the title of the SHSL Ukulele Player, she comes off as excited when she meets the other characters
  5. Kara Aizawa - The SHSL Soccer Player, she is a tomboyish, extremely cheerful and energetic character ans she is the first Character that Seiko meets
  6. Ace Grayson - He is the SHSL Gambler, when Seiko meets him she characterizes him as a delinquent-esque sort of person
  7. Hachi Etsuko - He is the SHSL Luck, he avoids saying his last name, and is the brother of the SHSL Merc
  8. Zhen Etsuko - The SHSL Mercenary, he is the brother of the SHSL Luck
  9. Rio Washimaru - He is known as the SHSL Capoeira, he is a upbeat guy loves who enjoys life to the fullest
  10. Sarako Aizome - The SHSL Stage Performer, she greets the protagonist and makes her uncomfortable
  11. Kojika Katsuragi - The SHSL Hunter, he is friendly and sociable, he becomes Seiko's friend
  12. Valentine Cuevas - Accepted into Hopes peak as the SHSL Saxophonist, he comes off as shy and is thought of as cute by the protagonist


NUMBER    NAME         Summary
      1     Prologue    Seiko Sammada, the SHSL Director arrives at Hopes Peak and blacks out and she wakes up in a jail cell with no idea how she gotthere, she leaves the cell to go to the auditorium.