Ultimate/SHSL Gardener

Hitomi Miyajima (宮島ひとみ) is a main character of one of my series. She is an Ultimate Gardener, due to her gardening skills.


Hitomi is a tall girl with purple eyes and medium length orange hair. Her head is topped with a halo. She wears an orange & gold dress with matching boots.


Hitomi is kind and friendly to her friends including Momokuma.

Voice actors

Japanese: Shiina Natsukawa (夏川椎奈).

English: Michelle Ruff.

Character songs

  1. “Fuwari, Korori, Karan, Cologne”.
  2. ”Happy Darling”.


See here: Bloody Mistakes.

Panic Talk Action Remarks

  1. You Will Stand To My Will!
  2. You! Here! Are! Survivors!
  3. Is Annie really irrtating me?
  4. No——(final argument)


  • Hitomi murdered Mai Ganaha in Chapter 1-To be alive and got executed.
  • Hitomi’s English actor, Michelle Ruff, previously voiced Jatarou and Yuta in Danganronpa Another Episode: Ultra Despair Girls.