Jimin Kisaragi is a character in The New Killing Game - Monokuma Hunter SYOC.

He is a member of the Future Foundation's 15th Division.

Jimin's title during his time at Hope's Peak Academy was the SHSL Oboist.


Jimin has jet black hair, that is a little scruffy and medium length. He has bright blue eyes, which are shielded by black framed glasses. He wears the Future Foundation Uniform. Jimin is also seen wearing headphones a lot, which are black and teal.


Not much is known about Jimin's personality, at first, he appears to come across as a bit rude.


Prior to Joining Hope's Peak Academy


Life at Hope's Peak


Joining the Future Foundation


The Monokuma Hunter Game

Chapter 1

Jimin is the first member of the Future Foundation to introduce themselves to Ryuji Shido and the others. He is later shown to be nicer than originally portrayed.

Chapter 2

Jimin is among the Future Foundation interns to be in the gym when everyone is knocked out for the killing game to begin. When everyone woke up after being knocked out with sleeping gas, everyone, including Jimin, awaken to find a device on their wrist, with a timer and a 'Forbidden Action'. Monokuma appears on a monitor to reveal the rules of the killing game.

When Monokuma reveals the rules, everyone looks up to see Black, the pet panther of Toto Makumi, killed.

Chapter 3

After Black's death, a fight broke out between members of the Future Foundation, during the chaos, Jimin, along with Hakudoshi Naoki, Abaferudi Ongaku and Amai Nomimono, escaped the gymnasium.

Chapter 4

Jimin, along with the others he escaped the gym with, hid in another room and barricaded the door. The first timer goes off and Jimin and the others are put to sleep. When the time out ends, Jimin finds Amai's dead body disemboweled on the floor.

Chapter 5

After finding Amai's dead body on the floor, Jimin's screams wake up Abaferudi and Hakudoshi. When Hakudoshi suggests the possibility of Jimin, Hakudoshi or Abaferudi being the traitor, Jimin quickly dismisses the claim, suggesting that the traitor may have entered through a secret entrance.

After checking Amai's body for clues, Hakudoshi and Jimin start to argue until Abaferudi breaks it up and Jimin suggests they find a new place to hide. While looking for a new place to hide, Hakudoshi asks what Jimin and Abaferudi plan to do if they survive, Jimin saying he plans to get drunk. When Abaferudi falls in a trap door, Jimin and Hakudoshi attempt to save him, but to no avail, as Abaferudi is bisected by one of Monokuma's traps.