Kenma Arch (けんま諤) is a character featured in Danganronpa: A Time Of Despair (SYOC). He is the SHSL Soccer Goalie.


Kenma has a more muscular body than Nina Arch, mostly in his legs, which compliments his height, at a rather tall 6'2/187.96. He has white hair that is usually tied into a small ponytail, due to it's length. Kenma's eyes are grey and deep-set, just like Nina's. Kenma also sports a python tattoo on his right thigh and a heart tattoo on his left shoulder. He wears a black undershirt beneath a short, long-sleeved red jacket, and black leggings up to his knees underneath a pair of red shorts. He also wears a pair of calf high black boots.


Kenma is intimidating in appearance, mostly due to his height, but he is actually very helpful and kind. Known for doing stupid or silly things and having Nina, his cousin and personal trainer, scold him for it. They make for a rather entertaining duo.

Skills and Abilities

SHSL Soccer Goalie

Nothing has been said about Kenma being a Soccer Goalie.



Nothing has been said about Kenma's past.

Introductions: Part 1

Kenma presumably got a note saying to go down to the place where Usagi Maeda was. When Usagi woke up, Kenma had offered to help him up, Usagi took the offer. During a time after that, Kenma had signed his name on a paper for Sochikawa Hana. Nina and Usagi had been talking for a while, so Kenma decided to chime in and introduce himself to Usagi. After a bit of talking, Kenma tells him that most of the students there are his classmates. Nina asked where everyone was, and then Nina and Kenma walked out of the room together, cutting of Usagi's question if they could look around together.


Nina Arch

Nina and Kenma are cousins. She is his personal trainer, and often scolds him when he does something ridiculous. Other than that, they seem to have a healthy relationship.

Usagi Maeda

Kenma seems to be on friendly terms with Usagi after helping him up.