Nina Arch (にな諤) is a character featured in Danganronpa: A Time Of Despair (SYOC). She is the SHSL Personal Trainer.


Nina has a muscular lower body, but her upper body is nowhere near as muscular. She has long grey hair that is tied in a braid, which cascades down her back, complimenting her blue, deep-set shaped eyes. Nina is tall, with a height of 5'11/180.34. She wears a long gold shirt on top of a black undershirt, along with gold shorts and a piece of purple skirt going down from her left hip. Nina also wears knee-high black heeled boots with gold trimming around the top.


Nina is cheerful, but not loud. She often scolds Kenma Arch for doing something stupid or silly, making them quite a comedy duo. Many people think that Kenma and Nina are siblings, when in actuality, they are cousins.

Skills and Abilities

SHSL Personal Trainer

The only thing known about Nina's background of personal training is that she used to train Kenma.



Nothing is known about Nina's past.

Introductions: Part 1

Nina, like the rest of the students, supposedly got a note saying to meet by where Usagi Maeda had woken up. Nina had asked Usagi if he was okay, which he replied with "I'm alright". Earlier, it seems that Nina had autographed Sochikawa Hana's paper for her, right before Usagi did. After Usagi had signed the paper, Nina stated that was quite a handful, a statement in which Usagi agreed with. Nina proceeded to introduce herself, along with Kenma. They talked for quite a bit, Kenma stating most of the students here were his classmates. After asking where everyone was, Nina and Kenma walked out of the room together, cutting of Usagi's question if they could look around together.


Kenma Arch

Nina and Kenma are cousins, and they are comedy due which usually consists of Kenma doing something silly or stupid and Nina scolding him for it. Other than that they seem to have a pretty healthy relationship for cousins.

Sochikawa Hana

After Usagi had finished autographing Hana's paper, Nina mentioned that she was quite a handful.