Nozara Shige (のザラ茂) is a character featured in Danganronpa: A Time Of Despair (SYOC). She is the SHSL Trendsetter.


Nozara stands at 5'6/170.18 with dark skin and teal blue, round eyes. Her hair is a bright shade of orange, with a rainbow pattern of dyed hair on the end of her fringe. Her styling looks like she made ponytails and tied them into loops. She has bells attached to the back of her hair, which jingle every time she moves. Nozara wears a long-sleeved, greenish-brown button up shirt with gold stars instead of buttons, along with a messy blue tie. She wears a purple skirt along with plum-colored leggings and light brown knee high boots with fur trim. She also wears what seems to be a water-bottle holder on her belt.


Nozara is a loud and excitable girl. Her appearance is also rather loud, having little accessories everywhere, along with a very strange hairstyle. She appears to have full confidence in her talent and the thought that everyone looks to her for the newest trends.

Skills and Abilities

SHSL Trendsetter

Nozara explained that her talent meant that every trend she makes, most people will blindly support it, which made Usagi slightly uncomfortable.



Nothing is known about Nozara's past.

Introductions: Part 1

Nozara, like the rest of the students had gotten a note saying to be where Usagi Maeda was when he woke up, but she was never actually spotted there by Usagi. Nozara see's Usagi while he is exploring and calls out to him, he see's her and stares at her for a bit before she comments on it. Nozara then makes him come back to reality and they introduce themselves to each other and talk about their talents for a while. Nozara then reveals the only reason she got Usagi is because there were 2 people that wanted to meet him, so she grabs his hand and rushes out the door with him in tow.