Pyramid Destruction is an execution in The New Killing Game SYOC, with Noire Yumichika being executed.


As the lighting changes to fit the atmosphere, Noire cries about her actions as a chain shackles around her neck and drags her through a prison like hallway towards a stadium like area.

Multiple Monokumas are dressed as cheerleaders as Noire is tied at the waist with rope. She is grabbed by the legs by one of the Monokumas as the Monokumas started doing cheerleading routines until they are in a pyramid formation, with a still tied up Noire at the top, where she could see everyone behind the safety of a viewing cage, all of them terrified, when Noire hears a bleeping noise, she notices it coming from one of the Monokumas before it blows up, causing the other Monokumas to blow up too, killing Noire in the explosion, causing her body parts to go everywhere. The other students, having witnessed such a brutal execution, stand nearly sick to their stomachs in horror of what they had just witnessed.


  • This executon is similar to Leon Kuwata's and Teruteru Hanamura's executions, as all 3 had a chain shackle around their neck before dragging them away, where they are tied up before their execution.
    • A noticeable difference is that, while Leon and Teruteru panicked before the chain shackled around their neck in fear, while Noire cried in sadness.
    • Another difference is that Leon and Teruteru were tied to posts so they couldn't move away, Noire was only tied up but she wasn't tied to a post.