Sochikawa Hana (そち川花) is a character featured in Danganronpa: A Time Of Despair (SYOC). She is the SHSL Fangirl.


Hana is quite short, standing at about 5'0/152.40, with a small, childish-build, small green eyes and pale skin. She has light brown hair that goes down to her knees and always keeps bands around to style it differently when she wants. Hana wears a white, sleeveless crop-top with jean shorts, along with many bracelets on her wrists from conventions, concerts, and the like, as well as a pair of white vans.


Hana is super energetic and was asking for people to give an autograph to her, implying that she idolizes most famous teens, like the students themselves. She is shown to be impatient, an example being how she was nagging Yamazaki Kiriko to introduce her to Usagi Maeda.

Skills and Abilities

SHSL Fangirl

Nothing has been written about her background of being a fangirl.



Nothing has been written about Hana's past.

Introductions: Part 1

Just like the other 14 students, she was given a note saying to go to where Usagi was. Supposedly when she got there, she started trying to get everyone's autograph on a piece of paper. When Hana saw Usagi, she asked if Yamazaki could introduce her to him, but he said no, so she did it by herself. After they had exchanged names, Hana asked Usagi to sign his name, which he did.


Yamazaki Kiriko

Hana called out to Yamazaki to ask him to introduce her to Usagi, making it seem like they have a friendly relationship.