The New Killing Game SYOC is a Danganronpa Fanfic by Lloyd's Fics. The fic stars a new set of characters at Hopes Peak Academy stuck in an all new Killing Game.


  • Monokuma-The main antagonist, Monokuma is the self proclaimed principal of Hopes Peak, forcing the students to take part in a killing game.


  1. Ryuji Shido-The main protagonist, Ryuji is the Super High School Level Anime Voice Actor. Ryuji is mentioned to have an inferiority complex about himself as, aside from his reputation in the Anime Community, he is just an ordinary guy. He is shown to lose his temper whenever someone makes fun of his height.
  2. Naoki Kenshi-A quick friend of Ryuji, Naoki is the Super High School Level Law. He is a gifted Law Student with a vast knowledge of the justice system. Despite his dangerous appearance, Naoki is actually very kind hearted. It is mentioned that he has a younger sister named Koharu, who he seems to care about a lot. Inspite of Naoki's friendliness, he is shown to be able to get so angry that he can startle all 15 other students.
  3. Tomoyo Chino-Another fast friend of Ryuji, Tomoyo is the Super High School Level Observer. She is described to be 'Some-what reserved in terms of personality, but definitely approachable'. When Ryuji loses his temper to Monokuma, Tomoyo is quick to calm Ryuji down.
  4. Hanako Inoue-A kind hearted girl, Hanako is the Super High School Level Matchmaker. Hanako is basically obsessed with romance and can't stand not being able to set people up on dates, she is also a bit of an anime fan like Ryuji, it is even mentioned that she is even interested in some anime that Ryuji has been in.
  5. Noire Yumichika-Noire is the Super High School Level Cheerleader. Noire isn't shown to be very nice, and even calls the other students 'losers'.
  6. Kuro Hinori-Kuro is the Super High School Level Trafficker. Often preferring to go by one of his 2 nicknames, 'Liuto' or 'Crow', Kuro's speech tends to include rolling his R's. Kuro isn't shown to be very nice.
  7. Kirie Tomoka-Another fast friend of Ryuji, Kirie is the Super High School Level Entomologist. A bit of an enigma, Kirie doesn't talk much, she has a major interest in insects, her favourite being spiders (More specifically, her pet spider, Tara (Short for Tarantula)), she takes photos of rare insects and places the photos in a scrapbook filled with information on those insects. Inspite of her tough girl persona, Kirie can't stand the sight of blood and will faint if she sees even the smallest drop of it.
  8. Michi Kurosawa-Another fast friend of Ryuji, Michi is the Super High School Level Electronic Musician, he is a great musician, he calls Ryuji 'Little Buddy', inspite of Michi being younger than Ryuji.
  9. Hayato Kimura-Hayato is the Super High School Level Ornithologist. He sometimes goes by the nickname 'Bird Brain' due to his interest in birds.
  10. Akira Kato-Akira is the Super High School Level Mathematician. He is shown to be quiet and rude, showing to be a bit self centred.
  11. Yua Ide-Yua is the Super High School Level Vlogger. She is another quick friend of Ryuji, her personality is described as 'Bubbly but really nice'.
  12. Masanori Akiyama-Akiyama is the Super High School Level Tattoo Artist. He is described as a 'Blunt but admittedly honest tattoo artist'.
  13. Kuu Hachimitsu-Kuu is another fast friend of Ryuji, she is the Super High School Level Animal Charmer, she is physically disabled, paralysed from the waist down, she has a pet swallow called 'Aoi' who she considers like her little sister.
  14. Masami Fujimoto-Another fast friend of Ryuji, Masami is the Super High School Level Archeologist, she is shown to be quite nice and has a good sense of humor.
  15. Kyoto Sakumi-Kyoto is the Super High School Level Goth. Kyoto is quite calm about things, not showing much care.
  16. Haruka Saimon-Another fast friend of Ryuji, Haruka is the Super High School Level Plastic Surgeon. Bit of a pervert, comes off as forceful and blunt offering to fix up a person. also comes off as shallow, judging people by face value first, expert at reading expressions. A bit of an enigma, appearing out of nowhere or butting into conversations she was nowhere near but seems to know what they are about. suave but a bit childish, saying that she knows some tips for making a girls chest seem bigger but when someone mentions her flat chest she says itś for her lolita image.
  17. Midori Ishikawa-A new student added shortly before the second murder, she is the Super High School Level Sharpshooter. She has a history with Tomoyo and is her old rival.

Minor/Mentioned/Possible Characters

  • Mr Sakumi-Kyoto's father, the head of a major programming company and wanted Kyoto to take over, however, Kyoto refused.
  • Koharu Kenshi-Monokuma mentions that Naoki has a sister, Naoki shows a protective nature for his sister when Monokuma suggests that Naoki's sister may be dead. In Chapter 15 (Depression and Desperation Part 1), her name is revealed to be Koharu. She becomes Naoki's hostage during the Slaughter Game Motive.
  • Naoki's Unnamed Mother-Naoki mentions his mother while having a 'bro chat' with some of the others, he is shown to hate his mother, screaming that she deserves the death penalty
  • Mr Yumichika-Noire's Father, he was accidently burned to death by Noire when she was a child, after she touched his flamethrower
  • Nagisa Shido-Ryuji's older younger sister, the middle child in the family
  • Kaguya Shido-Ryuji's youngest sister. She is revealed to be Ryuji's hostage during the Slaughter Game Motive.
  • Kuroneko Chino-Tomoyo's twin sister and long lost friend of Ryuji. She is revealed to be Tomoyo's hostage during the Slaughter Game Motive.
  • Tara-Kirie's pet tarantula. At first, Kirie has Tara all the time and loves him dearly. Monokuma later takes Tara away and uses him as Kirie's hostage during the Slaughter Game Motive.
  • Akeno Yuuki-Masami's best friend. Revealed to be Masami's hostage during the Slaughter Game Motive.
  • Daichi Toro-Haruka's favourite Porn Star. He is revealed to be Haruka's hostage during the Slaughter Game Motive.
  • Goro Ishikawa-Midori's Dad. He is revealed to be Midori's hostage during the Slaughter Game Motive.
  • Sunako Ozaki-Hanako's best friend. She is revealed to be Hanako's hostage during the Slaugher Game Motive.
  • Aoi-Kuu's pet swallow who is later left to Hayato, and then Ryuji.
  • Michi's Unnamed Mother-Before Michi's execution, he asks Ryuji to tell his mother he won't be coming home.


1 Prologue Ryuji Shido, the SHSL Anime Voice Actor is accepted into Hope's Peak Academy, but what happens when he enters would not prepare him for what lied ahead.
2 Prologue Part 2 When Ryuji wakes up, he finds himself locked in a dorm room with a note saying he is to be imprisoned in the dorm indefinitely, he is locked in the dorm for a year before he is released from the room and is sent to the gym, where he meets 15 other students who were trapped in dorm rooms.
3 Prologue Part 3 Monokuma appears and introduces himself to the students, when he is asked why the students were trapped in their dorms for a year, he explains he wants to play a game and he explains that the only way to leave Hope's Peak is to kill another student and get away with it, when Monokuma insults Ryuji, Ryuki grabs Monokuma, only for the bear to start beeping, Ryuji throws away Monokuma before he explodes.
4 First Blood Part 1 The students receive their student handbooks and learn about the rules. After an investigation, everyone reports their findings, believing there is no way out.
5 First Blood Part 2 The students receive their first motive, dark and personal secrets. When Ryuji's is revealed to everyone, he is no longer a suspect in any future murder cases. That night, one of the students is found murdered.
6 First Blood Part 3 After discovering the first murder, the students are told about class trials, investigations and the executions. The students investigate the murder to find the killer before the first class trial begins.
7 First Blood Part 4 The first class trial is underway, when Ryuji is ruled out as a suspect, one comment narrows down the list of suspects, when someone has one slip of the tongue, they are caught as the killer and are promptly executed, after the execution, Ryuji is shot by a masked individual.
8 Trauma and Recovery Part 1 The students try their best to nurse Ryuji back to health.
9 Trauma and Recovery Part 2 When Ryuji wakes up from his coma, Monokuma traumatizes him with flashbacks to when Ryuji was shot.
10 Trauma and Recovery Part 3 After Hanako decides to give Ryuji a haircut, and Michi invites Ryuji to hang out with him, Naoki, Kyoto, Hayato and Akira, the guys start talking about girls they like.
11 Trauma and Recovery Part 4 Monokuma reveals the next motive, Despair Nightmares. That night, Ryuji has a nightmare about the girl he has a crush on murdering his sisters, Kaguya and Nagisa.
12 Trauma and Recovery Part 5 After Ryuji's nightmare, he leaves his room and meets up with Masami, the two then meet someone new and hang out together. The next day, the new student reveals that they saw something in the pool. The students then find out that another student has been murdered, brutally.
13 Trauma and Recovery Part 6 The students start their second investigation, when Ryuji, Tomoyo and Naoki search for a a blunt object, it is found thanks to one students fear. The class trial soon begins.
14 Trauma and Recovery Part 7 The second class trial is underway, after Ryuji, Masami and Midori are all able to prove their innocence, the list of suspects is narrowed down to 4. After an idea by Tomoyo the killer is caught and later executed for the murder, Ryuji cries his eyes out over the loss of a good friend.
15 Depression and Desperation Part 1 After the execution, Ryuji's been feeling depressed. After an outburst by Akira, Ryuji threatens to kill him.
16 Depression and Desperation Part 2 Ryuji and Tomoyo have a friendly chat (with everyone else listening in). When Ryuji sees the deceased students, he decides to get his act together and promises Tomoyo that he'll sacrifice himself for her.
17 Depression and Desperation Part 3 Monokuma reveals the next motive, Diseases. Later that night, Ryuji and Tomoyo discover another corpse.
18 Depression and Desperation Part 4 The murder of one of the students turns to a double homicide when another body is found during the investigation. The class trial soon begins.
19 Depression and Desperation Part 5 The class trial soon begins, however, the killer is quickly caught. In an act of rage, the killer tries to murder Tomoyo, only for Ryuji to protect her and Monokuma to punish the killer. In the process, Ryuji loses an eye and an arm, but Monokuma rushes him to the infirmary.
20 Repair and Remember Part 1 After Ryuji's injuries during the previous class trial, he is given some cybernetic enhancements and some friendly time with Tomoyo, who reveals that they have known eachother longer than Ryuji remembers.
21 Repair and Remember Part 2 The students decide to have a pool party to celebrate Ryuji's recovery, until the topic at the party turns to phobias.
22 Repair and Remember Part 3 Ryuji asks his best friend for help asking Tomoyo out. Monokuma also reveals the next motive, poison bracelets. The students reveal what they want to live for, seeing family members again, finding love, discoveries, revenge or not wanting to die a virgin.
23 Repair and Remember Part 4 As the students are constantly put to sleep by the toxins in the bracelets, each awake student keeps having deep thoughts. Later another student is found murdered.
24 Repair and Remember Part 5 After another murder, the students begin another investigation, one student is mad about their lover being murdered. The class trial soon begins.
25 Repair and Remember Part 6 The class trial begins, Tomoyo's expert detective skills soon reveal the true killer very quickly, who reveals that the kill was one done for honour and to help the other students survive. The killer is soon executed. The students agree to no more killing.
26 New Despair Part 1 After the class trial, the students feel more determined to find the mastermind and take them down. Later, when Ryuji is investigating the infirmary, he finds some steroids, and is caught by Tomoyo.
27 New Despair Part 2 After suffering nightmares about his sister, Ryuji feels cranky. During an investigation of the top floor, one of the students finds a classroom left in ruins and covered in blood. The students later agree to have a picnic.
28 New Despair Part 3 Monokuma reveals the next motive, showing a video of the students closest family and friends and saying that they're going to kill eachother if the students don't start killing again. While the students are having a picnic, a power cut ends with another murdered student.
29 New Despair Part 4 With another murder, Monokuma reveals that the following class trial will be the final one. The students begin the investigation, which is cut short by Monokuma to get ready for the final class trial.
30 New Despair Part 5 The final class trial begins, after the killer is caught and executed, the students get ready to leave, but find the world in shambles, the mastermind is also revealed.
31 New Despair Part 6 Ryuji's anger gets the better of him as he tries to kill the mastermind, when the students are caught, they are shown a video that drives them to become the new Remnants of Despair.
32 New Hope Part 1 Tomoyo has joined the future foundation, she misses Ryuji and is pregnant with his child. Meanwhile, the new Remnants are hunting down the Future Foundation.
33 New Hope Part 2 When Tomoyo is called into a meeting, the Future Foundation explain to her that her friends are the new Remnants of Despair
34 New Hope Part 3 Tomoyo, Seiko Kimura, Great Gozu, Ryota Mitarai, Koichi Kitakura, Chisa Yukizome, Nagisa Shido, Kyoko Kirigiri, Byakuya Togami & Aoi Asahina try to find the new Remnants of Despair in an attempt to rehabilitate them, while the rest of the Future Foundation members attempt to find the Remnants to kill them.
35 New Hope Part 4 The Future Foundation battle the Remnants, but Tomoyo's group are able to secure the Remnants so they can start to rehabilitate them
36 New Hope Part 5 The Remnants are transported to Jabberwock Island to begin treatment in the Neo World program. After the Remnants are cured Tomoyo goes into labor.
37 Epilogue With the Remnants cured and the birth of their daughter, the future looks bright for Tomoyo and Ryuji. At least, that's what they think. Upupupupupu.

Hope's Peak Heroes

Lloyd's Fics is planning on making an AU spin off starring the characters, the spin off contains no killing game and is set during the students years at Hope's Peak in an alternate universe where the students were accepted because they have superpowers, not talents.


A sequel is being made called The New Killing Game - Monokuma Hunter SYOC. It takes place shortly after the events of this story with most of the survivors being forced into another killing game. A new cast of characters also joins the survivors in the desperate struggle to survive.


Main Characters