“Please don't ever forget... That I love... I love the hope sleeping within you from the bottom of my heart.” -Nagito Komaeda


Ultra Dangan Ronpa 3: Hello Hope

Firoxi Mattade (フィロクスイ  マッタド) - Super High-School Level Pyrotechnic - Girl - Long black hair with red, orange, and yellow highlights at the end, tan skin, her left eye is orange and the right is red, ripped tank-top with a skull on fire on it, tight denim jeans that go just below her knees, black boots.

Fusaki Mao (フザキ  マオ) - Super High-School Level Knife Thrower - Boy - Purple hat with brown hair, tan skin, grey eyes, grey scarf, purple hoodie with 3/4 sleeves, white shirt underneath, necklace with a purple square, jeans, black sneackers.

Hazamaru Fajhiko (ハザマル  フェージーコ) - Super High-School Level Entrepenuer - Boy - Brown hair with an ahoge, red scarf, red vest with a white dress shirt and black tie, dress pants, black oxford shoes.

Rou Guruturuu (ロ  グルトゥルー) - Super High-School Level Beatboxer - Boy - Backwards red cap, black hair, brown skin, brown eyes, red shirt with backpack, khaki cargo shorts, black sandals with red and white socks.

Voppio Dasawi (ボプピオ  ダゾーイ) - Super High-School Level All-Around Athlete - Girl - Hot pink hair in a ponytail, pink eyes, tan skin, blue denim vest with a pink and white striped shirt on it that says: "I <3 CHEERLEADING!", blue short shorts, and red heels.

Tanashi Isino (タナシ  イシノ) - Super High-School Level Movie Expert - Girl - Red squid hat, long brown hair, hazel eyes, tan skin, red-orange bubble vest with a tight black sweater underneath, semi-tight jeans with silver sneakers.

Xamino Yutui (ザミノ  ユトゥイ) - Super High-School Level Costume Designer - Girl - Red bobbed hair, blue eyes, pale skin, white torn shirt that goes abover her stomach with a red tie, black wristbands, red fingernails, black skinny jeans with torn knees, red flats

Pioni Ferote (ピオニ  フェロト) - Super High-School Level Chemist - Boy - White scraggly hair with goggles on top, white lab coat with a white dress shirt underneath and a green bowtie with bubbles on it, black dress pants and black oxfords.

Saturn ??? (サターン ???) - SHSL Astronomer - Boy - Brown bowl cut, blue-purple eyes, pale skin, circle glasses, trench coat with stars on it, black t-shirt that has a picture of the moon on it, black shorts, and yellow footflops.

Wotano Cuiohino (ウォタノ  クイオヒノ) - Super High-School Level Interviewer - Boy - Lime green hair with two strands of hair on the side and a loose pony-tail, tanned skin, green eyes, Lime Green tank top with a necklace with a song note on it., black athletic shorts, green and white runnings shoes.

Harui Natasaki (ハルイ  ナタザキ) - SHSL Secret Agent - Boy - Light blue plaid flat cap with blue bill, white messy hair, minorly pale skin, light blue eyes, black open hoodie (without strings) and two gold buttons and an animal head (not like decapitated or anything) with black fur at the end of it's neck and the top of it's ears (almost like a fox), white dress shirt underneath with blue tied string on the collar, tan belt with silver square as the middle part, black jeans, and white slip-on sneakers.

Didachi Nuo (ディダキ  ニュオ) - Super High-School Level Surfer - Girl - Black beanie with white lines and orange hair, black eyes, tan skin, black-ish grey sweater, black skirt, black tights, and orange flats.

Jhatini Moto (ジアティニ  モト) - Super High-School Level "Relaxer" - Girl - Blue hair in ponytails with a purple highlight on one of the ponytails, green and blue headband, cyan blue eyes, tan skin, tan tank-top with blue fuzzy sleeves with holes for her fingers (like Ibuki's), short shorts, blue sneakers with white socks.

Rutuou Seretaneui (ルトゥオ  セレタヌーイ) - Super High-School Level Magician - Girl - Black top hat, white hair, yellow eyes, pale skin, black cape with white dress shirt and black tie, black dress pants, black oxfords.

Yumano Rezeiha (ヤマノ  レシーア) - Super High-School Level Skater - Girl - Long brown hair, silver headphones with a lime-green shamrock on the side around her neck, brown off-should shirt, baggy jeans, with a green belt, and green sneakers. Tan skin, brown eyes.

Character Appearances (Pictures), all not done yet

Chapter 1 - Starting Days of Despair - Day 1 - Daytime

All these idiots around me... what are we even doing here, in this school, Kibougamine Academy, we had signed up but... I had not expected this... My name is Hazamaru Fajhiko, I was assigned to this school as the SHSL Entreprenuer.

"There has to be some reasonable explanation to this, DUDE!" I heard the girl closest to me call out. I looked over to her.

~Identified as: Yumano Rezeiha - SHSL Skater~

"Most predicaments where multiple students are trapped inside a school most likely end up in a tragedy in most movies." Another girl said acroos the room.

~Identified as: Tanashi Isino - SHSL Movie Expert~

"Movies may be rad, but I hope this predicament doesn't make us sad! Haha!" A boy in front of me said.

~Identified as: Rou Guruturuu - SHSL Beatboxer~

I looked over to my right to see a boy slightly shorter than me to be thinking very intensely.

~Identified as: Harui Natasaki - SHSL Secret Agent~

"Whatever, I just want out. Especially since this place sucks and doesn't have the temperature at like, one hundred degrees." Said a girl about 10 feet away.

~Identified as: Firoxi Mattade - SHSL Pyrotechnic~

"Heat makes makeup run, and that's not a good design!" Said a girl behind me.

~Identified as: Xamino Yutui - SHSL Costume Designer~

"Well- ahem. Acording to my calculations, the exact body temperature at which makeup "runs" is 94 degrees. So watch your body heat!" Said a nerdy sounding kid on the left of me.

~Identified as: Pioni Ferote - SHSL Chemist~

"Dude, just chill with the math, just take it all in an relax, brah." Said a girl in the very back in a dull and relaxed voice."

~Identified as: Jhatini Moto - SHSL Relaxer~

"Ugh, it's one of those hippies! You're gross!" Said a girl in a sassy voice in the very front.

~Identified as: Vappio Dasawi - SHSL All-Around Athlete~

"May the stars aline for you to gain some respect!" Said one of the kids around the middle of the gym.

~Identified as: Saturn - SHSL Astronomer~

"Just go with the waves..." Said a girl sitting on one of the bleachers to the left of me.

~Identified as: Didachi Nuo - SHSL Surfer~

"I'll make all your terrible feelings, disappear in the blink of an eye!" Said a girl pulling out what looked like a wand and waving it around.

~Identified as: Rutuo Seretaneui - SHSL Magician~

"O-oh! May I please interview you! People love magic tricks!" Said a girl perking up and pulling out a notebook and a pencil.

~Identified as: Wotano Cuiohino - SHSL Interviewer~

I looked over at a kid studying the area.

~Identified as: Fusaki Mao - SHSL Knife Thrower~

Dasawi looked at Rutuo and then pointed her finger at her. "Ew! Are you like- one of those cosplayers? G-R-O double "S" GROSS!"

"No, ma'am I am not! I am a legit magician!" Said Rutuo in reply.

"Like- EW! Don't come near me! I don't want to catch your nerdiness!" Dasawi said, backing away from Rutuo.

"Excuse me, but, nerdiness indicates intelligent, and intelligent people are some of the best people!" Said Pioni in reply to Dasawi's statement.

"Ew, you're one too?! Ugh, I'm stuck in a school with a bunch of NERDS!" Dasawi yelled out as people turned to look at her.

"Stop screaming." Harui said quietly.

"Are you one too?!" Dasawi questioned.

"No, I just need to think..." Harui replied, again quietly.

"Whatever! Psh." Dasawi turned to leave the gym.

"Nuh-uh-uh!" Said a voice coming from the stage towards the end of the gym. What was that..? I think to myself.

"GAH- Who said that dude?!" Yumano said, looking around.

"ME!" Said what a seemingly cheerful voice. I turned around to look at the stage, I couldn't believe my eyes. A black and white bear had jumped up onto the podium.

"What the hell?!" Yelled Firoxi.

"Whoa, it's a bear, WHAT A SCARE!" Rou replied sing-songingly.

"Shut the hell up you worthless piece of-" Dasawi started before being interrupted by the bear.

"I'm Monokuma!" Explained the animal. I looked over to Harui who was studying Monokuma. Fusaki was also doing the same, along with Tanashi.

"You're not real... are you?" Tanashi said. "I can tell, by the way you walk, look, and just do simple actions. You're like a prop in a movie, simple and easy to understand..."

"Nngh!- You have some hell of an attitude to call me a prop! But regardless, let's start it off, shall we?" Said Monokuma.

"Start what off?" Saturn asked, curiously.

"MUTUAL KILLING!!!" Monokuma yelled. I remained calm, more or less annoyed. Mutual killing? A stuffed toy? What a joke. Only idiots would fall into this... and if it was true, then I'd have to deal with it. Which would be more of a nusiance.

"Excuse me?" Wotano asked, turning his head. "Mutual... killing?"

"Youbetchya'! You kids are gonna' kill each other! Upupup~... Kill and you leave! But it won't be that easy you have to kill and get away with it in a class trial! If you get away with it, everyone else dies! If you get caught, you get executed!" Monokuma explained.

"There's more to it... isn't there?" Harui said.

"Absolutely! You can only kill up to two people! Just wanted to get that out there." Monokuma replied.

"Man... that's not chill at all!" Said Jhatini.

"The hell..? Killing, this isn't... a normal school? No, no, no. This must be some kind of test..." Firoxi said quitely.

"Upupupu~!" Monokuma said, raising his right arm. A shard of glasss came and flew by Firoxi giving her a cut on her arm.

"Nngh!" Firoxi grabbed her arm. "Damnit, this... this is for real!" Those words hang as if stuck in the air. It was implanted into everyone's mind. The reactions were mixed, calm, suprised, scared angry. But one thing stood out to me, that if this was real...

"Then..." I started. Ugh, these idiots would start killing each other, pathetic. "the game, shall start soon, no?"

"Game..? YOU THINK THIS IS A MOTHERFUCKING GAME?! ARE YOU FUCKING STUPID?! THIS ISN'T A FUCKING GAME!" Dasawi yelled very loudly at me. What a bother. I straightened my tie.

"This is a game, of survival. Are you too stupid to realize it? Or are you just poor at accepting the truth? For example, you're an ugly bitch with no intelligence for anything other than not accepting the truth of yourself." I replied. Dasawi ran at me, but Fusaki intervened.

"Although his words are mean... they are true, Dasawi. You must realize that is the world we live in now. So calm down..." Fusaki said calmy.

"Heh." I straightened my tie again, damn it, it won't stay straight.

"Hazamaru, please... this isn't the time to create conflicts." Tanashi said lightly. I guess she was right, I should switch from my "don't even bother with me" way of socializing to the "don't kill me, please" way of socializing. I sighed.

"Yeah... my bad." I relpied.

"Ooooh! Fiests! I like it!" Monokuma yelled out.

"Fuckin' whatever, I'm out, bitches." Dasawik said very angrily and walked out of the gym.

"Yo', I'm too." Rou said walking out of the gym, more people followed behind eventually when there were a few left in the gym, thinking about it, the smart people were left over. Me, Tanashi, Fusaki, and Harui sat in the gym.

"I see you all had the same ideas I had." Harui said. He was right, us four stayed in the gym together so we could group up, and make sure none of us killed. The others had ran out and probably scattered all over the place.

"Appears so..." Tanashi started, "This is like the final four in Destruction #42. Where they all stood in the gym in the final shot."

"How is that... relevant?" Harui asked.

"Eh." Tanashi replied. Great answer. We sat around and talked for a while. Maybe an hour or so. I had no recognitition of time, but I felt drowsy, so I assumed it was the night-time.

"Anyone else hungry?" Fusaki said. I examined my stomach. Yeah, I was. I nodded.

"Perhaps, we should grab some food?" Harui said.

"I agree." Tanashi replied, appearing also hungry. The four of us went to the kitchen to grab some food. The kitchen had an amazing supply of food. 

"If you want, I can cook, I'm actually really good at it." Fusaki said.

"I wouldn't mind." Tanashi said.

"Yeah, as long as you don't poison it." I said.

"I would never do such a heinous act to friends!" Fusaki said in defense. Harui studied his face.

"I do believe he is telling the truth." Harui said.

"How the hell do you know?" I asked.

"As an informant, you should have the ability to determine whether or not someone is telling the truth, since y'know... you are  undercover and you make deals and what not." Harui replied.

"That's how it is in most spy movies." Tanashi said, defending Hurui's statement.

"How is that... nevermind." Hurui replied. I walked back to the kitchen along with Hurui and Tanashi.

"How about some pancakes?" Fusaki called out from the kitchen. There was a lot of relpies that stated their agreement. Fusaki gave a  thumbs up from the window in the kitchen and continued making them. After a while he finished and brought them to us. They were actually surprisingly good. I nodded and said,


"Thanks, Hazamaru.' Fusaki replied, taking a bite of his pancake.

"These are better than what they serve at they agency." Hurui said, taking a very large serving of pancake into his mouth. After a while we all finished our plates. We decided to see where we would sleep. I looked at my Electro-iD to see if I could find any clue to where I slept. There was a map of the first floor of the school. Apparently, I slept in a room in between Wotano and Rou. Great, so I'll be hearing raps and interviews all night long. Fantastic. I went to my room and layed down. I actually didn't hear anything surprisingly, the walls must have been sound-proofed. That or that both of the people sleeping on either side of me were shocked from the first day of this. I went ahead and didn't think about it too much, or it would cause problems. I was extremely exhausted so I just went ahead and went to sleep.

Day 2 - Morning

I woke up to the sound of chatter. I could tell by how awake I was when I did wake up that the time I woke up must have been from 11 A.M. - 1 P.M.. I got up and changed into my regular clothes and walked to see what all the chatter was. Everyone was gathered around a poster on the wall of the cafeteria.

"Yo..." Yumano started. I looked up at the poster. Ugh. It read "Talent show tonight". Fuck. Me. I hate performing to the public. Not because I'm worried about screwing up or anything, it's just because it's such a bother. Well, now that I think about it, I don't have to participate. I read a little further down to where it said "ALL MUST PARTICIPATE". Fucking fantastic. Well I already know what I'm doing. I read down a little further. "If you decide on what you're doing, don't worry, we'll have what you need". O...kay. I read down to the bottom. "Starts at 7:00 PM EST". Okay, I looked for a clock that may have been placed. Fortunately, one had been placed above the kitchen window. It read 1:32 PM. Alright, well I have about five hours. I only need about thirty seconds to prepare though. There wasn't much to do for the day, so I went ahead and walked to the library. I pulled out some books and walked back to the cafeteria, after all, I didn't want to be alone. I went and sat down at a table with four chairs, I filled up one of the spaces.

"Mind if I sit here?" I looked up, Hurui was standing at one of the chairs.

"Knock yourself out." I said. Hurui pulled back a chair and sat down. He had grabbed some food from the kitchen, so he started eating. Tanashi walked up to another empty chair as well.

"Mind-" She started.

"Go ahead." I replied, knowing that she was asking permission to sit. So she sat as well. Fusaki started walking over and before he could even get close to the table I said "sure". Once he sat down the others started talking, after a while everyone emptied out of the cafeteria except everyone but at our table left. I shook my head.

"Yep." Hurui said, watching the others walk out. Hurui looked at the clock. "Five past five." He said. So that's about two hours till the show.

"So, how are you guys doing?" Fusaki asked.

"Good. I've been looking for a place to watch movies. I'm yet to find anything." Tanashi replied to Fusaki's question.

"Ah." Fusaki replied. That was all that was said for a while. The silence wasn't awkward, surprisingly. Everyone was deep in thought. Time passed until it was around 6:30. I got up.

"I'm going to the stage." I said. And left. I guess the others followed close behind. I guess we would take turns going on stage for the show. Once the time hit 7, Monokuma jumped up on stage.

"HELLO!" He yelled out. There were no replies. "...Regardless, welcome to the talent show, bastards! Here you will perform what you think is a talent! There will be no ratings, so no pressure! This is just to cheer you bastards up! So first up we have... Yumano!"

Yumano stood up, skateboard in hand. Suddenly, the stage turned into a skatepark. Yumano walked up to the top of a half-pipe and jumped down. I couldn't believe my eyes. Nor could I understand, the speed of her skateboard and the tricks she was performing was too much for me to compensate. After a while, she came to a stop at the end of her show. Everyone clapped, and Yumano bowed.

"Thanks, dudes!" Yumano yelled, and she gave a thumbs-up, she walked back off stage. And down to the seats. Next up was Hurui, he recited the first one hundred and fourty two digits of pi.

More people went up and came. Rutuou went up and did some magic tricks. Although they weren't normal. They were actually very good. I had not even known there was a full-sized dog behind me until he brought one out from behind me. Impressive. Eventually everyone went up one-by-one. Second to last, I went up. I said all the letters of the alphabet and sat down. As if I was going to do that shit. Dasawi was up last. She sighed and threw a baseball in the air, she hit it with a bat. The snap of the ball on bat almost broke the bat in half, the ball was sent directly out of the stage. The roof of the show opened up and the ball flew out. The roof closed afterwards. There was a round of applause after that.

"Thank you." Dasawi said. "I couldn't have done it without my favorite bat." Eventually the talent show ended and we all lef the theater. Before going to bed, I noticed I left my scarf at the talent show, Fuck. What a bother. I had to walk back to the stage. I opened the door and...

I guess... the game had started.

Before me lay the eyes of a body, appearingly hit with a blunt object, hit from behind, half of their body laying over the side of the stage. Before me lay the body of >>>...<<<

"Nngh." I said under my breath. The body... It surprised me, but only for a moment, the first thing I think I should do is go and warn the others. It was around dinner time, so I ran back to the cafeteria. I wasted my breath since both locations were on opposite sides of the school. I panted, and leaned against the archway to the cafeteria.

"Guys..." I started, panting heavily. "There's a body in the show room!"

Everything stopped there in that moment. Forks and spoons dropped. All heads turned to me. Hurui was the first to get up, silently running to the show room. The others followed. I ran too, wasting even more breath, when we opened the door to the showroom. The noise was very loud.

"THE FUCK?!" I heard Firoxi yell, and she ran over to the body.

"W-what the HELL?!" Yumano yelled shortly after. Hurui had a small gasp as he clenched his fists. Fusaki had a disappointed, yet angry look on his face. Tanashi studied the seen, seemingly indifferent toward the situation. Rou turned away, almost seeming like he was going to vomit. Dasawi did vomit at the seen. Wotano stopped, and fell to his knees.

"This can't..." He started, but he never finished.

There was one thing for sure:

we'd have to find the killer.

Investigation start!

I heard a cheerful voice. "BIM BUM BUM BUUUUUUM! A body has been found after a short period of investigating, a class trial will begin." That was Monokuma's voice over the intercom.

I suppose... I should start investigating. I cleared my throat. "Let's not waste any time, shall we?" I declared.

"What do you mean?" Saturn asked.

"Investigating, what do you think? Someone amongst us killed Rutuou." I replied.

"...Fuck, dude." Firoxi said under her breathe.

"According to my calculations, there's a 6.67% chance that one of us is the killer!" Pioni yelled out. Jumping back, almost knocking his goggles off. Hurui was already seen investigating the body, instead of wasting my time, I walked over to Hurui, investigating the wound on Rutuou's head. Before I could start investigating, my Electro-iD got a notification. I looked at it. It was something called the "Monokuma File". I looked at it, it gave details about the murder.

Victim Time Killed Damage to the body 1 2
Rutuou Seretaneui 7:07 PM Blunt wound on the back of the head, fracture on victm's elbow Body found on the stage of the showroom Very small fracture on the victim's elbow

Bullet added; Monokuma File 1

"Anything?" I asked.

"Hm... she was hit from the side. The wound is vertical." Hurui replied.

Bullet added; Hurui's Testimony

I inspected the wound myself. It looked like a blunt wound. It was medium sized, nothign huge could have been used.

Buller added; Head wound

I looked over at the stage. Rutuo's body was hanging half off of the stage. She must have been killed further away from the edge.

Bullet added; Posistion of the Body

I hopped up onto the stage. I looked over to the middle. Rutuo's magic trick set was being packed up there. She must have been hit while packing.

Bullet added; Magic Trick Set

I went behind the stage. On the floor were track marks. Something could've been pulled there. It went for a few feet then the track marks stopped. Interesting.

Bullet added; Track Marks

I looked over at some of the shelves that were there. Stuff had been moved apart, almost like someone or something had been rummaging through things. Maybe to find the murder weapon..?

Bullet added; Moved Items

I looked over at Tanashi. She was investigating the crimescene as well. I walked up to her.

"Anything?" I asked. She was silent for a bit then said.

"A distraction." 

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"Unless she was standing at the front of the stage for no reason, she was distracted and hit with the murder weapon." She said quietly. A distraction...

Bullet added; Tanashi's Testimony

There were other people also investigating the back of the stage. I suppose I had to get testimonies. I walked up to Rou.

"Yo." He said.

"Hey, I was wondering if you had an alibi of sorts." I replied. I hate interacting with people.

"Yo', man. After the show I packed up my shit. Then I took off, lucky I didn't get hit. Heh." He replied. ...Okay.

Bullet added; Rou's Testimony

That was already enough socializing. I went ahead and investigated some more. I felt like there was nothing more in the show room. So I left that. A thought that came to mind was that the killer possibly burned some important evidence. I went to the incinerator. Hurui and Dasawi was there. I walked up to Dasawi. I'd have to ask question to this bitch. She was staring at the incinerator.

"Did you also think that there was something the killer burned?" She asked.

"Yeah." I replied. Ugh.

"You fuckin' steal my idea?! Fuckin' copycat!" She said, and she walked off.

"Don't mind her." Hurui said, rumaging through boxes.

"She's a bitch." I replied.

"Yep." Hurui said, getting up and walking out. I walked over to the incinerator it was turned off. I looked inside of it. There was something burnt in there. It must have been the wood the incinerator uses. I looked over to the side to see if there was. I was right. A stack of wood was over on the side of the incinerator.

Bullet added; Ashes in the Incinerator

Investigating further, I noticed a small amoutn of ashes, more light in color. Not very light, but still lighter.

Bullet added; Light Ashes

I walked out and back to the showroom. Just in case I missed something. There were still people investigating there. I hopped up on stage again. I missed it before, but there was a black spot with an odd patern just behind the middle of the stage. I wonder what it is.

Bullet added; Black Spot on the Stage (Back)

I noticed Wotano investigating the body. I walked up to him.

"This would make one hell of a story..." He said quietly. I guess it would. On the floor next to Rutuou was a small, half circle shaped glass shard. No blood on it though, so I don't think it has anything to do with this investigation.

Bullet added; Glass shard

I looked back at the stage, towards the front was another black spot. It wasn't as dark as the other one towards the back. It was a bit lighter.

Bullet added; Black Spot on the Stage (Front)

Also towards the front of the was a liquid substance that was brown that glimmered the rainbow in the presence of light.

Bullet added; Glimmering Liquid

I looked backstage a little more. What looked like a microphone hidden in an opened box. It had blood on it. Could it possibly be the murder weapon?

Bullet added; Bloody Microphone

Upon further investigation, there was also another thing in the box, a frayed end of a black wire. It had a tag on it that read "Canon". I believe that was a type of camera...

Bullet added; Frayed Wire

I walked back out from behind the stage. I also noticed that there were many items scattered around Rutuou's box of talent show props. Perhaps those were used for something?

Bullet added; Scattered Items

Before I could do anything more, I heard Monokuma's voice of the intercom. "It's time for the class trial! Everyone go to the class trial door!" I heard Saturn's voice.

"I guess. It's time for the stars to tell us who was the murderer..." He said in a gloomy voice. I guess it was. Eventually everyone arrived at the elevator to the class trial. We all stepped in the elevator down. The elevator started to go down. The tenseness in the air could be felt. It was like a thick wave of smoke. Everyone was quiet, some had a blank look on their face, as if they were processing what happened. Some were thinking hard. Trying to decipher this murder. But whoever did this murder... must be found!

Class Trial 1


Monokuma File 1: The Monokuma File explains things about what happened at the crime scene. It could be very important.

Hurui's Testimony: Hurui explained that the blunt wound on Rutuou's head was from a vertical angle.

Head wound: The head wound on Rutuo's head was blunt. It was the only visible wound on her head that may have been the kill-shot.

Position of the body: Rutuo's body was hanging half of of the stage. Perhaps she had been further back, but had been knocked forward.

Magic Trick Set: Rutuou's magic trick set lay out in the open in the middle of the stage. Perhaps she was packing it when she was attacked.

Track Marks: There were track marks off to the left of the stage. They were towards the back of the stage as well. Something, of course, had been dragged.

Glass Shard: A glass shard was found, slightly curved, on the stage. What's its use..?

Moved Items: Lots of items in the backstage storage had been rummaged around. Maybe the killer was looking for something?

Tanashi's Testimony: Tanashi explained that a distraction may have appeared to keep Rutuo still in order for her to get killed.

Rou's Testimony: Rou explained that he had- right after the show- left with his belongings. I was too lazy to check if this was right with the others.

Ashes in the Incinerator: There were ashes in the incinerator. They smelled of burnt wood. There was also wood over on the side of the incinerator.

Light Ashes: There were ashes that were a lighter color than the majority of the ashes in the incinerator.

Black Spot on the Stage (Back): Another black spot was found towards the front of the stage. This one was lighter and more faded than the other one.

Glimmering Liquid: A glimmering, brown liquid that when in the presence of light glows a rainbow color. Not sure what it was.

Bloody Microphone: A bloody microphone was found in one of the boxes in the backstage storage.

Frayed Wire: A frayed wire with the tag "Canon" on it was found in the box along with the microphone. Not sure what significance it has.

Scattered Items: Many scattered items were found around Rutuo's magic set. Maybe this was the distraction somehow?


Rutuou... Rutuou Seretaneui was killed. And we gotta' find who did it... Or else it may just turn out to be the end for us all...


MONOKUMA: Upupupu... let's being with a breakdown of how the class trial starts shall we? During the class trial, you lot of students will try to figure out who murdered our poor victim. If you figure it out, and vote correctly, the murderer will be punished, and you all will continue with your lives!


MONOKUMA: Or if you vote incorrectly, the murderer will get away and you all will be punished! Oh boy! I can't wait to see how this goes! Now... start! ...Wait, hold on.. why is there an empty spot!

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: Someone didn't arrive...

MONOKUMA: Curses... MONOMI! Please come out, and take that spot please...


MONOKUMA: Monomi... Don't make me angry...

MONOMI: Fine! (Monomi would appear as if out of nowhere, and take the empty spot at the trial)

MONOKUMA: Alright... NOW begin!

VOPPIO DASAWI: Where the hell do we start..?

ROU GURUTURUU: Let's just come up with a plan, to find the man, who murdered the wo-man. A'ight?

FUSAKI MAO: I just can't believe one our friends would murder another...

HURUI NATASAKI: I can't blame 'em, I mean, the pressure probably broke down and...

YUMANO REZEIHA: Bam! Death! Sorry, that was like REALLY cruel, dudes. My bad.

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: Let's just get on with it... how about we start with the most pressing issue.

XAMINO YUTUI: Which is..?

JHATINI MOTO: How there is a lack of chill with the murder...

TANASHI ISINO: No, that's definitely not it. I think the most pressing issue is definitely the state of Rutuo's body. Hanging off the edge of the stage, bit odd, don'tchya think?

FUSAKI MAO: That is a bit odd, indeed...


BULLETS: -Head Wound

                 -Position of the Body

                 -Magic Trick Set

                 -Frayed Wire

FUSAKI MAO: Rutuo's body was hanging off the table...

                                                     what does that mean exactly..?

JHATINI MOTO: She maybe was doing something at the time...

TANASHI ISINO: That's is a possibility...

DIDACHI NUO: I think she was killed off-stage... 

                                                                                           ...then was knocked over like that...

HURUI NATASAKI: Maybe it had to do with her head wound..?

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: (I think... that person is wrong and I have the answer to that... specially because of THAT factor...)

FUSAKI MAO: Rutuo's body was hanging off the stage...

                                                     what does that mean exactly..?

JHATINI MOTO:                                                                                                     She maybe was doing something at the time...

TANASHI ISINO: That's is a possibility...

DIDACHI NUO:                                                I think she was killed off-stage...


HAZAMARU FAJHIKO:                                                                                    NO,

                                                                                                                              THAT'S WRONG!

B R E A K!

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: I... don't think that's the case.


HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: If she was killed offstage, then how did her body end up face down, hanging off the stage. If I remember correctly, Rutuou's body was facing down. Not up. So if she was killed off-stage. Then her body would have been facing upwards. Yeah... that's it.


C O U N T E R - A R G U E M E N T!

BLADES:  -Monokuma File 1

                -Head Wound

                -Hurui's Testimony


You are plainly incorrect!

                          She was hit off-stage,

and hit from the back,

                                                       then she worked her way up to the stage, and was hit again!



There's no way she was hit twice!

                      It's obvious!


 She was hit twice,

it was probably once in the back and once on the head!






B R E A K !

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: No, that's not it. She wasn't hit twice. On the Monokuma File, there were only two injuries mentioned. That was the head wound, and a small fracture on Rutuou's elbow. Unless the file is lying to us...

MONOKUMA: It's not lying!

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: Well that's that. She was only hit once in the head, and that was the killing blow.

PIONI FEROTE: But what about the small fracture on her arm? Does that matter?

SATURN: It was probably some small thing she made, like is she was hit and fell down. Or something along those lines.

FIROXI MATTADE: It's possible.

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: Well, now that that's solved... where do we go now..?

TANASHI ISINO: We move on.


MONOMI: To the next topic!

VOPPIO DASAWI: Can you shut the fuck up? You're not even human!

MONOMI: I'm sowwy!

TANASHI ISINO: How about the next pressing matter... the magic trick set was a bit odd. Just out in the middle of the stage all trashed up and stuff?

FUSAKI MAO: Indeed, that is a bit weird...

DIDACHI NUO: It's pretty obvious. She was putting up her supplies.That's why it was "trashed up". 

TANASHI ISINO: Well, Monokuma did say that all supplies would be put on stage already. So... I don't believe that to be true... I think. Not sure...

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: (Well, there is a problem with that... what if...)

-The supplies didn't arrive.

-Rutuo brought her own supplies

-Her supplies were stolen


 That's it..!

I think that her supplies were her own. That's why she had to pack them up.

TANASHI ISINO: Ah. That could be true. Isn't that right, Monokuma?

MONOKUMA: Hmm... oh what? Yep! Those supplies were hers!

TANASHI ISINO: So she went to put up the supplies herself, right?

FUSAKI MAO: That much is true. So if she went to put up her supplies herself, that's why she was killed onstage? According to Hazamaru, if what he said is true, she was killed onstage due to her supplies?

YUMANO REZEIHA: Also, if I remember correctly yo, her trick set was like a hole box on a stand right?


FIROXI MATTADE: Yeah, it was a structure, four legs holding up a box.

YUMANO REZEIHA: Then it makes sense for THAT to be there, isn't it?

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: (That? She is probably talking about...)

This is what I have!

You're talking about the track marks, right Yumano?


TANASHI ISINO: And come to think of it, the track marks came from back stage, right? So that means it was put back stage, more than likely after Rutuo went up.

YUMANO REZEIHA: DUDE! What happened to the dog?

FUSAKI MAO: I don't think that is relevant...


HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: So the trick set was brought out from the back of the stage...

FIROXI MATTADE: Wait, if the track marks were brought out from the back of the stage, that means the box was too heavy to pull by herself, so that means that the killer was probably with her, pulling out the trick set with Rutuo!

PIONI FEROTE: Nngh! You're telling me that the killer pulled out the trick set, with the victim?!

VOPPIO DASAWI: That's fucked up!


HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: (The killer was with Rutuo the entire time..? That's crazy to think that your best friend could be your greatest demise)

FUSAKI MAO: How could a friend to that to another..? That's... that's terrible!

JHATINO MOTO: It sucks, for sure... Ahem.

TANASHI ISINO: So that much is discovered... the killer helped drag out the music set box, and from there... murdered our victim...

VOPPIO DASAWI: Yeah, that much is true- HEY! Wait a fuckin' second, something at the crime scene is really fuckin' suspicious!

MONOMI: Yes! I'm just trying to involve myself since I have NO idea what is going on. I'm sowwy.

SATURN: Dasawi, y-you're right. There were a few suspicious items at the crime scene.

XAMINO YUTUI: One of the things at the crimescene, which was the most obvious piece of evidence, was the liquid on the floor!

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: (The liquid on the floor... what could it be? Not like it had a name tag.)

DIDACHI NUO: So, what WAS the liquid on the floor?

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: (It was on the floor, glimmering a rainbow color when in light, and was brown when something is not being reflective upon it...)

A N A G R A M   A N A L Y S I S

(I gotta' figure out what the liquid was exactly... hmm...)

[G] J K L M E Q W

M J [AE F U K L 

H U B N A E M [S]



B R E A K !

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: The liquid on the ground, probably considering all the facts. It was most likely... gas.

VOPPIO DASAWI: Gas? Why would that be there..? There were no fires! Fuck!

JHATINO MOTO: Maybe they brought it to start up something.

VOPPIO DASAWI: What about the fact that the killer maybe dropped it or something?

FUSAKI MAO: Dropped... gas?

FIROXI MATTADE: How the fuck can you drop gas?

VOPPIO DASAWI: Wouldn't be a problem dropping gas for you, wouldn't it, Firoxi?

YUMANO REZEIHA: Ha! Dropped gas! Farts!

FIROXI MATTADE: W-what the hell? You're accusing me?

VOPPIO DASAWI: It would make sense for you to drop or spill the gas, right?

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: (It wouldn't be a problem because she is...)

-The SHSL Oil Tanker

-The SHSL Baseball Superstar

-The SHSL Pyrotechnic

-The SHSL Detective


Got it!

It would make sense for you to spill the gas, you're the SHSL Pyrotechnic, right?

TANASHI ISINO: You're right... 

VOPPIO DASAWI: That's it! It was fuckin' Firoxi! She killed Rutuo and spilled the gas!


TANASHI ISINO: I agree with Firoxi I don't believe it was her. Spilling gas at a crime scene, pretty silly huh? Considering there were no fires that were seen, or seem to have been started. It was probably a red herring.


FIROXI MATTADE: It wasn't fucking me, us, WHATEVER! Both of us are innocent!

VOPPIO DASAWI: Fuckin' whatever, damn, thought I was on to something... B-but wait there IS someone who is like, deffa' suspicous!

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: And who would that be?

VOPPIO DASAWI: You, Hazamaru!


HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: M-me? What the hell?!

VOPPIO DASAWI: I remember it! When you ran to the cafeteria to warn us of the death, all of us were there, except you!


HURUI NATASAKI: Is that true, Haz? You were by yourself when you ran to the cafeteria?

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: Y-yeah, that's true! But it's because I forgot my scarf!

SATURN: That's a likely excuse!


VOPPIO DASAWI: That's it! You gotta' be the killer!

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: (M-me? I didn't kill. I know I didn't. And I'm getting fuckin' accused now? Godammit... I gotta' find some evidence...)



MONOKUMA: So at this point, if you already know the killer, congrats! I have the perfect surprise for you.

MONOMI: Not another one of your "surprises"!

MONOKUMA: The players don't even know my surprise yet! If you know the killer, congrats! You just gained the title of "Super High-School Leve Hope"!

MONOMI: "S-Super High-School Leve Hope"..?! Just like that?!

MONOKUMA: And if you guess wrong, I'll throw you into a hole dedicated for losers! Forever! Don't worry, there'll be thousands of other "losers" in there with you!

MONOMI: That's not very fair! I don't even know the killer! How are we even supposed to get that right?!

MONOKUMA: Upupup... I'm just kidding! You don't get "Super High-School Level Hope" that easily... That only goes to the special few!

MONOMI: Whatever..! I'm over your lies! We have to get back to the trial! It's just now starting to heat up!

MONOKUMA: For once, Monomi, you're not completely stupid and wrong! The class trial is just now heating up as our "hero" Hazamaru is getting put under the spotlight!


PIONI FEROTE: H-Hazamaru the killer?! I can't believe the jerky guy was the first one to kill!

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: (Damn it...They still think it's me..? I need to prove this wrong...)


TANASHI ISINO: I don't believe Hazamaru is the killer.

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: (Or...She could do it for me.)

HURUI NATASAKI: What makes you so sure?

TANASHI ISINO: Doesn't the timeline of things make sense..? Think about it...On the Monokuma File said our victim was killed at around 7:07 P.M.?

MONOKUMA: Not "around"...Exactly!

TANASHI ISINO: Well...That just makes it easier...Think about it...Had Hazamaru performed all our discussed activities with Rutuo...We could apply logic to that statement...For example...Had Hazamaru went out, dragged the set box, planted all the red herrings, killed Rutuo he would be extremely out of energy...

TANASHI ISINO: On top of that...He would have to perform all that within a seven minute time span, and still manage to sprint to us to warn us in the cafeteria...It just seems unlikely.

FUSAKI MAO: I do not believe Hazamaru to be the killer either, however, because we have not provided any solid evidence that can one hundred percent dismiss this claim as true or a fallacy, we can't one hundred percent dismiss Hazamaru.

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: As much as I may be on the hot seat right now, they're right, there's no evidence that can dismiss me as killer.

JHATINI MOTO: What the hell..? The possible killer might be saying he's the possible killer..? That's hella whack, man...

YUMANO REZEIHA: Maybe 'cuz he's not the killer, dude!

VOPPIO DASAWI: Hell fuckin' no! Didn't you just listen to a fuckin' word they said?! They just fuckin' said that he might still be the killer!

HURUI NATASAKI: Damn...You don't shut up...Anyhow...It doesn't mean we should still continue to appoint him as killer, we'd just be wasting our attention, and if the killer isn't Haz', they're squirming in their shoes at all of us arguing.

ROU GURUTURUU: Let's just move on! We gotta' get the killer before the break of dawn!

SATURN: Alright, well, where should we continue from here..?

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: As much as I may be on the bottom of the totem pole for making suggestions...I'd still like to make some fuckin' suggestions.

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: First off, we were on the topic of red herrings...So we might as well dismiss what could be a red herring and what could not be a red herring.

TANASHI ISINO: Well we've already dismissed the gas at the crime scene as a red herring, that could have easily been taking from the incinerator room, there's various types of substances and materials to burn items...Gas...Wood...You name it...

WOTANO CUIOHINO: I checked the incinerator room, the gas cannisters and fuel tanks there are all displaced, so that could match with your statement.

TANASHI ISINO: And while we're on the topic of red herrings...We can dismiss a few other things as red herrings...Things that don't look like they belonged at the crime scene...

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: (Things that didn't belong at the crime scene...They didn't belong there..? That's gotta be...)

Truth // Bullets

This it it..!

(Truth bullet selected: Glass Shard)

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: The glass shard we found at the crime scene...It has no real meaning. For example, we didn't find any puncture wounds on our victim, nor any sort of frayed items or anything that any sharp object could be used for.

TANASHI ISINO: If I had to guess, it's part of a test tube. Our killer isn't completely dumb, and tried to go for something more discreet, rather than a piece of cloth or something like that.

TANASHI ISINO: But at the same time, managed to fail by adding pieces of evidence that were completely irrelevant to the crime scene.

PIONI FEROTE: A-A test tube?! Were they trying to frame me?!

HURUI NATASAKI: Yes. But it made no sense.

XAMINO YUTUI: So can we infer from that, that our killer is rather intelligent? Or no?

DIDACHI NUO: I don't really think we can take anything away from our killer regarding how smart they are or whatever.

VOPPIO DASAWI: Well obvious-fucking-ly! Otherwise we would have known Yumano to be the killer!

YUMANO REZEIHA: Hey, man! What the hell does that mean, dude?!

FIROXI MATTADE: Alright, so we know our killer is trying to frame people. If we can't really get anythin' from that to try and figure out our killer, we should continue with what Tanashi said.


Truth Bullets: -Bloody Microphone

                      -Frayed Wire

                      -Hurui's Testimony

                      -Scattered Items

TANASHI ISINO: There were various items at the crime scene...

                                                                                                                       But the bloody microphone sticks out to me the most...

                                                                    Considering it's covered in blood.


                                      There's evidence that doesn't make it seem like it was used at the crime scene.

WOTANO CUIOHINO:                                                                   Well the microphone was indeed covered in blood.

                                     We can assume it was integrated into the crime scene somewhow!

FIROXI MATTADE: The blood was all over the top of the microphone.

                                                                                                                                  But was Rutuo hit with it..?

ROU GURUTURUU: Or was she performin'?!

                                                                               For the breakfast next mornin'?!

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: (No... The thing that person said definitely makes sense from what I've heard...)

TANASHI ISINO: There were various items at the crime scene...

                                                                                                                       But the bloody microphone sticks out to me the most...

                                                                    Considering it's covered in blood.


                                      There's evidence that doesn't make it seem like it was used at the crime scene. 

Your facts are true!

(Bullet used; Hurui's Testimony)



HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: Tanashi, you're definitely right. In investigation, Hurui told me something rather interesting.

"Anything?" I asked.

"Hm... she was hit from the side. The wound is vertical." Hurui replied.

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: Hurui told me that the wound is vertical, and looking at the microphone...

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: The blood was on the top, nowhere else. There was no sign of blood even being close to anything anywhere. The only way the wound and the microphone blood would match up is if the wound was smaller, round, and only in one spot. But the wound stretched across the entirity of Rutuo's head, meaning that something much larger could have been the only thing to do it. Which means that it was a red herring in my opinion, and it isn't our murder weapon.

FUSAKI MAO: Making that a red herring would be simple, also. If they just dabbed the tip of the microphone in the blunt wound of Rutuo's head after hitting her...

FIROXI MATTADE: Definitely. Doesn't take much to do that.

PIONI FEROTE: W-We've already dismissed three items as red herrings?! Th-That's proposterous! How are we supposed to catch our killer with this limited knowledge?!

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: Actually, Pioni, this "limited knowledge" is making our case much easier. It's limiting the items that are true on the crime scene...

HAMAZARU FAJHIKO: Which also means it's limiting the amount of other possibilities that we could create from all this lack of "knowledge".

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: (In fact... This could help us get a clearer timeline of things... I gotta' think on this one...)


QUESTION ONE: What was used to lure Rutuo out to the killer?

A show

Her trick set

A baseball

QUESTION TWO: How was Rutuo attacked?

From the front

The killer and Rutuo fought

She was hit from the back

QUESTION THREE: What did the killer put after the crime had occured?

Fake blood

Red herrings

A fake dead body

This is how it went!


HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: I got it pieced together! The killer used Rutuo's trick set out from the storage room, then from there, while Rutuo was putting everything back in place, the killer hit her from behind!

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: After the killer hit her from behind, they started to put red herrings in place to take the target off their back.

TANASHI ISINO: And just to clarify... Just because we found those red herrings relating to everyone, doesn't mean the people who they related to are cleared.

HURUI NATASAKI: After all, all someone has to do is throw something towards them in the murder scene that doesn't seem like it belongs there...

HURUI NATASAKI: Boom. They're off the table.

DIDACHI NUO: I see what you're sayin'... So it's still possible for the killer to be the one that put a red herring down... And it could even be one that a red herring that points towards them... Got it!

TANASHI ISINO: Although...I don't feel like it was the case in this scenario.

JHATINI MOTO: Huh? What makes you say that.

TANASHI ISINO: Think about it, we all found items that subtetly led towards someone. It wasn't a big giveaway.

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: She's right. The killer didn't full blown frame someone. They put bits and pieces here and there...It looks like they couldn't exactly make up their mind.

WOTANO CUIOHIO: Alright...So where does that lead us..?


TANASHI ISINO: ...Barely anywhere, really...

VOPPIO DASAWI: F-For fuckin' real?!

FUSAKI MAO: No...I don't feel that's the case...I feel like we have to start asking more questions.

PIONI FEROTE: M-More?! As if there wasn't already enough!

FUSAKI MAO: But it needs to lead to things we don't know.

WOTANO CUIOHIO: Alright...I see your point. Then let's go back on everything we have already.

WOTANO CUIOHIO: The killer killed Rutuo after the talent show. They helped her pack up her things, lured her to the middle of the stage using her box, then hit her from the back of the head there. Anything wrong with that?

TANASHI ISINO: Actually, Wotano...I feel like there is something wrong with that.

WOTANO CUIOHIO: R-Really?! And I thought we had it all figured out! Urgh!

TANASHI ISINO: Actually, everyone, I want you to think back on this piece of evidence...

TANASHI ISINO: Remember how we assumed that Rutuo was lured out with her trick set, it was half put away in the middle of the stage?

XAMINO YUTUI: Yeah, what's wrong with that?

TANASHI ISINO: Well...Don't you think it's a little weird it was in the condition we found it? The trick set?

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: (There's something weird with her trick set..? Maybe it's...)

-What was in the box

-The state the box was in

-How the box was facing


That's it!

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: Actually, Tanashi, you're right.

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: We found the box half-unpacked. Why would her trick set be in that state?

TANASHI ISINO: That's because...


TANASHI ISINO: I think her trick set was in that state to begin with.

YUMANO REZEIHA: Y'mean that the box wasn't actually being packed away by itself?!

TANASHI ISINO: Yeah...That's exactly what I mean.

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: Tanashi, what you're saying is that the box wasn't actually used by Rutuo at all?


FIROXI MATTADE: That means the killer just wants us to think that the box was used as a decoy!

TANASHI ISINO: And the support to my evidence is this, the only way Rutuo could have been hit from the back and knocked to the front is if her trick set was pushed down by her body after she got knocked forward. 

TANASHI ISINO: But we didn't find the box in that state, we found it perfectly upright on the stage, and we didn't find any scratches or anything on the floor beneath it.

TANASHI ISINO: Which means she must have been hit in some other way.

ROU GURUTURUU: Oh, oh! I got the answer yo!

VOPPIO DASAWI: Jesus Christ...For fucks sake! Do I have to hear more of you?!

ROU GURUTURUU: Hey now, that's not a nice way to say that you didn't wanna' be my partner today!

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: Forget her. Out with it. Now.

ROU GURUTURUU: Well, check this out, while I was investigatin'...

ROU GURUTURUU: I found this somethin'! In the back behind the curtains, hid a control panel for certain!

FIROXI MATTADE: And why didn't you say that earlier..?!

ROU GURUTURUU: ...I dunno know.

TANASHI ISINO: Well, did you test it out while you were investigating?

ROU GURUTURUU: Well, I opened it and, to my surprise, there was stuff- technology; my demise! I hit one of them and nothin' happened, so I disregarded it, then went on happenin'.

XAMINO YUTUI: Actually, I might know what that button did...

XAMINO YUTUI: I remember looking at the body, then all of the sudden one of the lights shifted on the ground, I looked up and nothing was moving.

XAMINO YUTUI: I shrugged it off then kept on moving, but it might not be a coincidence that that happened.

(Bullet received; Rou and Xamino's Control Panel Claim)

(Bullet received; Control Panel)

JHATINI MOTO: So know that we know that, where does that get us?

FUSAKI MAO: I can think of two ways that can help us advance...

FUSAKI MAO: One, the light was shut off and used to blindside Rutuo in the dark, or two,

FUSAKI MAO: Some other way that I'm not sure about...

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: Before we start hypothesizing what the control panel could do and if it did do anything, we need to confirm that the control panel actually exists. Did anyone else see the control panel?

HURUI NATASAKI: Yeah, I did. I saw Rou find it for the first time, Voppio was there too, but I don't think she was looking.

VOPPIO DASAWI: I probably wasn't.

ROU GURUTURUU: Y-You did?! When?! I was in the back stage the entire time!

HURUI NATASAKI: ...You should check my SHSL.

TANASHI ISINO: Well, now that we dismissed that as a true statement, we can work with our evidence confidently.

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: (She's right... But we have to determine what way the control panel was used if it was even used at all... That's the real question.)


Truth Bullets: -Hurui's Account

                      -Rou and Xamino's Control Panel Claim

                      -Control Panel

                      -Position of the Body

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO:                   We gotta' figure out what way the control panel was used....

                                                                                                                      If it was even used at all!

FUSAKI MAO: Could it have made the lights move...?

                                                                         ...Or perhaps it created a sound and that distracted Rutuo....

PIONI FEROTE:                     What if the lights flickered and that distracted her..?

SATURN:                                                                     What if they somehow blinded Rutuo..?

VOPPIO DASAWI:                                                                            What if they changed the color of the lights?!

TANASHI ISINO:   What that person said... Might be right...

                                                                                                                Did you catch it, Hazamaru?

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: (Yeah... If I remember from what I recently discovered...)

FUSAKI MAO: Could it have made the lights move...?


Your facts are true!

(Bullet used; Rou and Xamino's Control Panel Claim)



HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: Fusaki, you're definitely right about the lights moving.

FUSAKI MAO: I am? And why is that?

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: Xamino said one of the lights 'shifted on the ground'.

HAZAMARU FAJIHKO: And if Rou tampered with the lights, that means the lights have the ability to move.

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: Isn't that right, Rou?

ROU GURUTURUU: Yup-yup! I pressed the button for a short time! That's wassup!

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: So I think it's safe to assume that it is true that one of the lights can move.

TANASHI ISINO: But for that to happen, the entire light fixture would have to move.

DIDACHI NUO: Why would you say that?

TANASHI ISINO: Well... Before I came to Hope's Peak... I was in the theatre class for my high school...

TANASHI ISINO: That combined with my knowledge of movies and their productions...

TANASHI ISINO: The entire light fixture has to move, that or if the circuitry or production quality is so advanced, the entire light beams could move on a set path.

TANASHI ISINO: Which in that case, it's true.

SATURN: Wh-What?! For serious?!

TANASHI ISINO: Well, in my investigating, I checked out the entirity of the stage, and walls, and...

TANASHI ISINO: I noticed that rails were affixed for the lights to move, to get an angle at every possible location.

TANASHI ISINO: So in that case, the lights could have easily been moved to distract Rutuo. But...


HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: You still don't know how the lights were used to distract Rutuo, right?

TANASHI ISINO: I'm...Trying to come up with the answer...

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: (The answer..?)

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: Some other counterpart would have to go hand-in-hand with the light fixture.

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: There's so many other possiblities that could have happened if the killer just moved the light fixture for no reason at all.

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: But...How could we even figure that out.

YUMANO REZEIHA: D-Damn it! We're stuck!

SATURN: Shoot! How are we ever supposed to figure out the killer..?!

FIROXI MATADE: Fuck, dude! We're not gonna' make any progress anywhere.

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: (No...I don't believe that.)

FUSAKI MAO: C-C'mon. We musn't give in to despair like this.

HURUI NATASAKI: Seriously, shape the hell up!

ROU GURUTURUU: Are you kiddin' me? We barely have clues! Not any!

TANASHI ISINO: No! That's not the case!

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: What do you got, Tanashi?


VOPPIO DASAWI: Don't tell us you interjected just to fuckin' not say shit!

TANASHI ISINO: I-It's not that...I'm just thinking over what I was gonna' say again.

TANASHI ISINO: Well, anyhow. What if the thing that went hand-in-hand wasn't when Rutuo was about to get murdered?

TANASHI ISINO: But instead, a completely different time entirely.

PIONI FIROTE: S-Seriously? What is that supposed to mean?

YUMANO REZEIHA: A-Another time? What other time?!

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: (The other time she must be talking about is...)

-After the murder

-Before the murder

-During the investigation

-After the investigation


That's it!

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: It had to be before the murder, there's no other way!

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: If it was after the murder, there wouldn't have been enough time before we got there,

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: If it was during the investigation, we would have noticed,

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: And we were all forced to go to the trial room, so it couldn't have been after! And the only thing before the murder was...

FUSAKI MAO: The talent show.

WOTANO CUIOHIO: Y-You're saying it was during the talent show?!

WOTANO CUIOHIO: Then we all would have seen!

TANASHI ISINO: That doesn't have to be necessarily true.

JHATINI MOTO: But how, though?

TANASHI ISINO: Does anyone remember where Rutuo was during the talent show?

HURUI NATASAKI: No, she was nowhere to be seen, I was watching everyone.

TANASHI ISINO: Exactly. There was only one place she could have been if she didnt' walk in through the doors, and came out on the stage.

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: (That one place..? It had to be...)


J K L A [B] A S U

O P I L [E] A D V 

O Y V C D A [H] X

[I] O P S Q A N J

Q W A X [N] V C D

[D] A E U I O L 

N M A S [T] H E L

U N L D K I O [H]

C X Z U G [E] P S

E Q I O P L E [S]

[T] Y U I O N B V

L [A] T S E N D I

S A I N D L E [G]

[E] U I O S V G H 




HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: If she was on stage and didn't come in through the main doors,

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: The only place it could have been is behind the stage!

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: She would have just came out when it's her time to perform.

TANASHI ISINO: And this is signifigant because Rutuo would have no idea what would have happened in each person's performance. 

HURUI NATASAKI: So you're saying someone's performance had something to do with the murder? But which one?

WOTANO CUIOHIO: Alright, if that's the case, let's just recap each and every performance,

In my performance, I interviewed Rou about his rapping, Saturn about his knowledge, and Didachi on her surfing ablities

In Hazamaru's performance, for some reason, he recited the ABC's.

In Tanashi's performance, she listed every A-list-movie released since 2000.

In Fusaki's performance, he hit moving, rotating targets perfectly in the center from one side of the stage to the other.

In Hurui's performance, he made the stage covered in smoke, and once the smoke dissapated, he showed his abilities by moving behind us all while the smoke was up,

In Yumano's performance, she did amazing tricks on her skateboard,

In Firoxi's performance, she showed her amazing abilities by giving a great pyrotechnics display with moving and designed fire,

In Saturn's performance, he showed the molecular breakdown of the sun,

In Rou's performance, he rapped his number one hit song,

In Didachi's performance, she had the stage bring in heavy waves in a simulated environment, and showed her ability to stay firm.

In Xamino's performance, she showed off her best looking costumes,

In Voppio's performance, she hit a baseball so hard, it flew out of the room and through the roof, into the sky,

In Pioni's performance, he showed the chemicals he combined to create an amazing display of reacting substances,

In Jhatini's performance, she blasted up music to the max volume and showed her ability to sleep through it all,

and in Rutuo's of course, she showed off her amazing tricks...

HURUI NATASAKI: We have to figure the killer out with that information..? But...How..?

TANASHI ISINO: With deductive reasoning.

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: You're right. We have to think about which performance would be most likely to reach the height and extent of the light fixture...

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: (I gotta' think here... Who could it be..? Their performance would have to reach the height and the length of the fixture, and would be the most likely to interact with it...)



It's gotta' be you!

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: Voppio... Could it be your performance..?

VOPPIO DASAWI: What?! You're sayin' I'm the fuckin' killer?!

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: I never said that. I was just going off the assumption that your performance could be the most logical explanation.

VOPPIO DASAWI: But my ball went through the fuckin' roof! There's no way I could have used that to my advantage, even if I was the killer!

SATURN: But didn't Rutuo stay in the back during the time of the performances?

VOPPIO DASAWI: Nngh! I guess that's true...

TANASHI ISINO: So we're going off the assumption that Voppio is the killer?

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: Let's not jump to conclusions, but let's try and fill in the blanks with her as the killer.

VOPPIO DASAWI: I-It's not even worth your fuckin' time! You're not gonna' come up with shit!

HAZAMARU FAJHIKO: Well then, let's put that theory to the test.


Truth Bullets:  -Control Panel

                       -Rou and Xamino's Control Panel Claim

                       -Hurui's Testimony

                       -Frayed Wire

                       -Rou's Testimony