Usagi's Appearance as of Chapter 1

Usagi Maeda (うさぎ前田) is the protagonist featured in Danganronpa: A Time Of Despair (SYOC) . He is the SHSL Teacher.


Not much is known about Usagi's appearance at the moment.


Usagi is a kind and logical character. He seems to think about things more than others usually would. He is also rather polite, always reminding himself to use his manners. He sometimes gets lost in thought and starts staring at people, becoming embarrassed when they notice.

Skills and Abilities

SHSL Teacher

Like his appearance, not much is known about his occupation as a teacher.



Again, not much is known about Usagi, but he has stated that he had embarrassed himself sometime in the past before the killing game.


Usagi was about to enter Hope's Peak, but as soon as he got through the gates, he passed out. Usagi then woke up in a room, and as a girl noticed he was awake, she put a mask over his face that sent him to sleep.

Introductions: Part 1

Usagi woke up again, this time to a variety of faces looking at him. He got up with the help of one of the people, and began to discuss where they were. After this, Usagi met Yamazaki Kiriko and Sochikawa Hana, who asked Usagi to give an autograph to her. Usagi then signed under someone named 'Nina Arch', who he met right after, along with Nina's cousin, Kenma Arch. After talking to them for a while, Usagi decided to explore, where he met Nozara Shige. Nozara tells him that the real reason she called out to him was because two people wanted to meet Usagi, after that, Nozara grabs him and runs out the door to find the two people that wanted to meet him.


Kenma Arch

Usagi thinks that the saying "Don't judge a book by it's cover" applies to Kenma, as he looks intimidating, but asked to help Usagi up at first glance.

Sochikawa Hana

Usagi was surprised to see Hana fangirling over him, thinking that she was going to be hard to get used to.

Nozara Shige

Usagi thinks Nozara is really loud and has a really strange but intriguing appearance. He also thinks its 'great' that Nozara is someone that a lot of people will look up to and follow after.

Abura Saibo

When Usagi got pranked by Kuroyuri Shion, he met Abura Saibo. Abura began to act weirdly upon arriving, singing and muttering weird phrases under his breath, and Usagi sensed danger from Abura. Abura then began to insult Usagi, claiming he was worthless compared to the other students.

Oshiro Rin

Usagi and Oshiro refer to each other in a formal tone, with Oshiro calling Usagi 'Mr. Maeda' and Usagi calling Oshiro 'Ms. Oshiro'. The two seem on respectful terms despite having just met.