Yamazaki Kiriko (山崎桐子) is a character featured in Danganronpa: A Time Of Despair (SYOC). He is the SHSL Story Teller.


Yamazaki is a tall young man, with short blonde hair and heterochromatic eyes.


Yamazaki is calm and friendly, with a secure aura and calming presence. He is very respectful, using polite and formal language all the time.

Skills and Abilities

SHSL Story Teller

Nothing has been said about Yamazaki's background as a Story Teller.



Much like his Story Teller talent, nothing has been said about his past.

Introductions: Part 1

Yamazaki, like the rest of the students, had gotten a note telling them to meet at the place where Usagi Maeda had woken up. Yamazaki stated he and the rest of the bunch had no idea who Usagi was or where they were, which eventually led to Usagi introducing himself to Yamazaki. Sochikawa Hana called out to Yamazaki, asking him to introduce her to Usagi, in which Yamazaki told her she could do it her self, and in the midst of Usagi and Hana meeting, Yamazaki slipped off.


Sochikawa Hana

Hana called out to Yamazaki to ask him to introduce her to Usagi, making it seem like they have a bit of a friendly relationship