Yua Ide

Yua Ide - SHSL Vlogger

Yua Ide is a character featured in The New Killing Game SYOC

Yua has the title Super High School Level Vlogger, due to her being a well known vlogger.

Yua was murdered by Noire Yumichika, in chapter 1, after finding out Noire's secret.


Yua is described as a tall girl with blonde, hip length hair which tucks behind her ears. She has 2 purple highlights in her hair, one a darker shade. She has a slight tan and is rather thin, she wears a tank top with a green collar and an image of an odd platypus looking thing with a blue tint on it. She also wears those detatched sleeve things vocaloids have, short teal jeans and sandals, her eyes are purple and she has significantly long eyelashes.


Yua is quite bubbly but is very nice, she has a cheerful, sweet and supportive personality (Similar to Sayaka Maizono)


Prior to Hope's Peak



Not much is known about Yua during the year the students were locked in dorms.

When the students were asked to meet at the gymnasium, Yua soon met Ryuji Shido and the 2 seemed to get along pretty well.

Chapter 1: First Blood

Shortly after receiving their Student Handbooks, Naoki Kenshi took on the leadership role for the students and separated everyone into teams of 2, where Yua was paired with Tomoyo Chino, the 2 searched the storage room.

The next morning, Yua and Haruka Saimon both walked in on the conversation between Naoki, Ryuji, Kuu Hachimitsu and Kirie Tomoka, when Haruka gets frightened by Kirie's pet spider, Tara. The students were then called to the gym where Monokuma handed out envelopes with the student's biggest secrets inside, saying that if no one is killed within 24 hours, Monokuma will expose all the secrets.

Later that night, Yua headed to the storage room where Noire Yumichika was, when Noire dropped her envelope with her secret, Yua picked it up and read it, finding out that Noire accidently killed her father with a flamethrower, in a blind panic, Noire killed Yua.